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Learn to teach English

Learn to teach English, in just 3 hours via Skype.
If you speak English fluently then you can learn to teach English to foreign language students anywhere in the world because we also teach you how to teach English using Skype. You do not need any qualifications to teach English.

Our three hour course via Skype to teach people how to teach English is all you need to start teaching English professionally and with confidence. Yes, become a teacher in 3 hours .

We have been teaching how to teach English for the past 3 years and know today that really anyone can learn how to teach English as a foreign language.

Before we teach anyone we always like to have a short chat with them, to find out what their level of English is, and mainly to answer any questions they may have concerning the course and various aspects of teaching English and you can contact us whenever and however you like. Learn to teach English contacts

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The process of becoming not only an English language teacher but also of earning money from English language teaching is very simple and you do not need any qualifications to start with.
Three steps to becoming an English teacher:

  • Learn how to use English language course books - Do our course
  • Get students - We help you do this too
  • Start teaching

Learn to teach English with confidence

Most people don't realize that teaching English as a foreign language to students is very easy and they don't know that they don't need any qualifications whatsoever such as university degrees or English teaching specialization courses.

All you need is to be fluent in English, and of course some insider information on how to use English language course books and once you know how to use the course books, you are ready to teach English.


How to get English language students ? 

We also help you get students

First read these standard ways of how teachers get students......
There are many ways to offer your services as an English language teacher. You can advertise locally to get private English students to come to your home for lessons. You can apply to locan language schools.

But why limit yourself to such a small area of potential students with lots of competition ? You can do much better than that by finding students on and via the internet and even better, get found by students who are looking for english language teachers who teach English via Skype. And here is where we come in.

Not only do we teach you to teach English professionally and with confidence but we also make sure that you get the best start in your new English teaching career that you could possibly get. And this is not marketing or sales pitch, this is just simply a fact and has been tested by many other English language teachers who need to be found by prospecting language students on the internet.

English Via Skype
Take our course and also get a profile...

...on our website for language teachers.

We will also give you invaluable advice about how and where to get students, but we go one step better that that and we GUARANTEE to get you students and here is how.
We also own the website and everyone who takes our 3 hour course to learn to teach English will get a free profile on for 1 year. has an average of 3000 visitors each month and 40% of these visitors are students looking for Skype language teachers. And any teacher who has a profile on, will get students to teach. So once you have completed our three hour course to learn to teach English...

  • You get a free profile on for 1 year.
  • Students contact you on
  • You teach them English via Skype

We do not take any percentage at all from what you earn through students you get through If a student contacts, you and you agree to teach her or him, then anything you earn is yours.


English language course books

Most good schools, and private language schools worldwide use just two main English language course text books to teach foreign language students to speak English. These are the New English File series of english language course books and also the New Headway series of english language course books.

If anyone tells you different, then they do not know much about teaching English worldwide and all you need to do is phone up 20 language schools and ask them if they use New English File or and the New Headway english course books. All will confirm that they do.

The reason why NEF [ New English File ] and NHW [ New Headeway] are so widely used worldwide, and also by standard seconadry and high schools is very simple.

These courses are well structured for both the student and the teacher, use modern methods for language teaching and are available worldwide in most bookshops. And mainly, and here is the best advantage of NEF and NHW, the courses are structured and divided into levels which go from the beginner level, all the way up to the Advanced level so at each level, both the teacher and student have just the right teaching material to be dealing with the level of the students in that course. So if a student is a beginner, then you would use the Beginner course books. Id the student already has some knowledge of English, then you may use the Elementary course books. And so on.

And using anything else to teach language students to speak English, would not be re-inventing the wheel, but deconstructing the wheel so if the NEF and NHW are good for most language schools, then they should also be good enough for you. And they are. And these are the two language course books we will teach you to use.

Why do we teach you to learn to teach both New English File and Headway ?
Well, we call this the Strategic advantage of being a good English language teacher asdad and not many teachers nor language school know this and you can read more about the English language teaching strategy here


English Via Skype
Teach medical English ?

No, teachers who teach medical English do not have to be doctors.

One of out tutors has been teaching medical English via Skype successfully for years.

  • You can teach any doctor, dentist or nurse who needs to learn medical English
  • Learn how to tailor medical English courses for each individual medical English student.
  • We also show you how to offer assistance with medical exams, attestations preparations

Want to learn more? Teach Medical English


Success Guarantee 150%

We offer unlimited support even after you have completed the learn to teach English course
and even if you have never taught a language before, our course will show you how.


Everything you need to know to teach English

From the basics of how to use English language courses to teach language students, to how to manage your timetables, to how to make sure that you get paid by the students.

We aslo show you the best teaching strategies available to make English lessons interesting for your students, and even tips and tricks to not have to explain or teach complicated grammatical issues if a student asks about grammar rules.


Advice on how to teach English

Even before you pay for the course, we would like to have a short chat with you. This is completely for free with no obbligation at all from your side. Go here to learn more
Or if you feel that you have read all the information and want to learn how to teach English book the course  and we can starte even tomorrow.