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How it all started

Pete had been teaching English for about 20 years when he decided to start teaching students worldwide using Skype. This took off so well that after a year Pete created the website www.skypelearn.com to offer a platform to other teachers who wanted to find students worldwide. And for students who were in search of Skype language teachers.
After a while, some people started contacting the website asking if they could teach English, even though they had never taught before. These were all native speakers, such as people from the UK, USA, Australia and were fluent in English, but they just didn't know how to teach English technically. At the beginning Pete told them that they might want to take a specialized course, for example TEFL, but one day one of these people asked Pete if he could help her and if he would teach her to teach English.
It took 2 lessons and she learnt how to use the New English File course books.

Obviously this experience got Pete thinking ......... and that is how it all began and where the whole concept of Learn To Teach English is today.

How come just 3 hours are enough ?

Because once you learn to use and understand the structure of one of the course books, for example the New Headway Elementary course, then you have the main key on how to use all the others.
But it isn't that simple, because you also have to come to grips with various other concepts, such as :
How NOT to teach grammar
How to expand on the course books to make lessons more interesting
How to quickly assess the student's level and which course book to start him on
How to use the course books efficiently
What parts to skip
How to make bad students feel as if they are brilliant
How to get paid even if a student misses lessons
How to manage your lesson timetable
How to teach English via Skype
How to get perfect audio using Skype
How to play the class audio over Skype
How to get students
The English teaching strategy


And in 3 lessons of 45 minutes each you will learn all of this.

Post-course support

After the three lessons, we don't just set you out there to cause mayhem.....
or leave you on your own. We actually offer continuous support whenever you may need it -FREE of charge.
Yep, you have just read the best guarantee anyone could offer you and this isn't just marketing.
We can offer this continuous support, because from our experience we know that few people really need it and will use it. Most people who do the three hour course do not need further assistance.
And this because, believe it or not, teaching English is easy, if you start on the right foot.

Start a new career and learn to teach English

If you are seriously thinking of starting a new career, or want to supplement your earnings even part time, then learning to teach English is probably one of the best things you could ever do and should consider our course as the best, fail proof, guaranteed investment that you ever make in your entire life.

Learning to teach English is like learning to ride a bicycle, with the difference that once you learn how to ride, you get paid for riding.