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Learn to teach English course details

If you have read enough information and wish to book the course please go here:
Book our three hour course to become an English language teacher
You may want to read this page too for extensive details concerning taking the 3 hours course to become a teacher.
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No qualifications needed to teach English

Become a teacher in 3 hours

How do you do the course ?

You do the course via Skype.
If you have and use Skype, then you can do the course and become an English language teacher.

The course timeline

Ideal is to do the three course lesson sessions all in one week, for example:
first lesson on Monday, second lesson on Wednesday, third lesson on Friday, or any similar variation with at least a one day gap between two lessons.

We also teach the course during week-ends, and have no particular fixed timeline so if you are based in a country where in your local time it's 15 pm, and in our time zone its 23 pm, no problem from our side.

The main reason to leave at least one day between each lesson is because in each lesson you will be learning aspects concerning the English language course books and how to use them, and also various aspects of language teaching and then you need a short time to put that into practice, and in the following lesson you can then go through the points you learnt previously with the tutor if you found any difficulty.

The reason for completing the whole course in one week is so that you do all the three lessons in a short period, so that you remember what you did and are also able to piece all the knowledge together while it's still fresh.

Course material

We give you all the material you will need for the course and this includes:
Individual pages from all the course books from each level of both the New English File and also the New Headway series.
We also provide you with the class audio necessary to go with particular lessons which you will be using to learn to teach English.

All the necessary material will be Skyped to you at the beginning of each lesson, which means you will receive the files via Skype. All the files will be small files, either in PDF or mp3 format and take a few seconds to transfer.

You will not need to have bought the NEF nor NHW course books prior to doing our course.

Other than that we suggest you also take some notes, which will be brief important points concerning all other aspects of the course such as : student timetable and payment management, the teaching strategy, the best audio configuration for teaching over Skype and many more.
You can use any method for taking these notes, either writing them down, or typing them on your computer whilst we give you the important points.

What you should have and should know
before starting the course

You must have Skype and be able to speak and hear through Skype.
Know how to open pdf files
Know how to open and play mp3 files

That's it.

What you won't need

You will not need a webcam, and in fact you will be asked to unplug/remove the webcam from your computer if you do have one.

The reason for this is simple and logical. Teaching over Skype a webcam is completely useless and also counter-productive, because first of all it slows down and sometimes even breaks the connection. It can make audio sound distorted. It's counterproductive because it has been proven that student's learn better when just using their listening and reading senses, and also a webcam is distracting, and the student does not need to see the teacher to be able to follow the lessons.
Last but not least, who needs a microscopic video image of the other person ?

The steps needed to do the course

Step 1
Even before you pay, you need to contact us and arrange a short Skype chat with one of our tutors. This is completely free, and leaves you under no obligation at all.
The reason for this pre-course 'getting to know you' chat is that from our side we want to find out if you have understood what this course involves, if you really are fluent in the English language, and even if teaching English really is for you.

We've had prospecting wannabe-teachers in the past who applied to do our course without reading a single page from this website, who then turned out to be non fluent in English, or didn't even know how to play audio nor open pdf files.
We've even had some people apply for the course thinking that once they have absolved it, that they would get a full-time job at our language school.
So even before you contact us for the preliminary chat, please make sure you know why you are contacting us.

Step 2
After our perliminary chat, and if you decide that you want to learn to teach English, then you can pay for the course using our  online payments page.

Step 3
Once you have paid, please send an email / or a Skype message letting us know when you wish to start the course. The day and the hour.
We will confirm, and start the course with you via Skype at the indicated date and time.