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Unlimited support for English language teachers

After you complete our course, we don't just let you wander out into the dark woods of the teaching world on your own.

We offer unlimited free support even after the course.
If after the course you do some practice and test lessons with friends or members of your family, and then get a few student through your teacher's profile on skypelearn.com or other ways and have taught a few lessons, it may happen that you come across a few things that you have either forgotten from the course, or just don't know the best way around them.

If this happens, just write us an email letting us know that you need to have a Skype chat with us and when convenient for you, and we will help you with any questions or issues you may have.

Examples of past needed support

Here are some case studies of a few after course situations we have dealt with in the past and some of the questions we received and sorted out.

What do I do if a student is used to doing other course books than the New English File and New Headway ?

Issue :
The students wants to do just one lesson a month .... is that a good idea ?

Do I have to give out invoices ?

The student insists that we use a webcam

Where can I find the various tests that go with each course book.
[ entry test, progressive tests, end of unit tests ]


I forgot how to avoid feedback noise when playing the class audio over Skype

I don't remember how to do a Skype conference call with me and 2 students all at once

My student speaks only Russian, which I don't speak, how do I teach her ?


Got a question or an issue ? Get in touch.

How can we offer lifetime support ?

Most people, after they do our course to learn to teach English have all the knowledge and tools to continue on their teaching career, and do not need any further support from us. This is because the course books guide you throughout the teaching process, and also because you gain your own expertise as you continue teaching. And after years of teaching people to teach English, we know today that only very few people will need further support from us after they have completed the course.