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The best English language course textbooks

New English File and New Headway

To start with, we do not sell these course books.
You have to find and buy them yourself elsewhere, which is very easy because even your local bookshop will have them or be able to order them for you. Or you can order them via the internet.

New English File [ NEF] and New Headway [ NHW] are two English language course book series which are used worldwide by private language schools, general schools, and by English language teachers.

Both NEF and NHW are a series of English language courses divided into separate levels which are: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced.

Each level caters for that level of English knowledge that a student has, so for example a student who has no knowledge of the English language would start at the beginner level.
The elementary level is for slow beginners, or people who have very basic knowledge of English, the pre-intermediate to the intermediate levels are obviously one level up to the previous ones and at these levels students can have a simple to more advanced conversation. The upper-intermediate consolidates all learnt up to this level and prepares the student for the Advanced level where more complex usage of the English language is taught.

Also, each level has 2 books. The student's book, and the workbook. There is also the class audio, and various test papers.

There is also a teacher's book to go with each level, and in case you are wondering why, if there is a teacher's book would you need to do a course on how to use these courses ...well .... go and get a teacher's book, look through it, try using it to help you understand what is what and where ..... and then get back to us.

Also, the advantage of using New English file and New Headway is that since these courses are available worldwide as they are a set standard in teaching English, your eventual students won't have a problem getting the student and work books where they live.

If you teach some obscure English language course which is not a wold wide standard, then students will have problems obtaining the same books.

Which level books should I have ?

Most teachers use the beginner and elementary levels because 75% of English language students do or have to do these levels to learn basic English.

But once you start teaching, you will also find that you will get more advanced students and so gradually you will probably end up owning all the levels.

After all, each level has only two books and together they cost around 15 to 20 Euro or even cheaper on eBay, so the outlay is minimal to then earn some serious money with these English language teacher's tools.

Why do I need both NEF and NHW ?

You don't, but will regret it if you don't get and teach both courses.
You should get both the New English File and the New Headway language courses simply because you will have more tools to use and work with, but mainly because of the 'Teaching English Language Strategy' of which most English teachers are clueless about. Make sure you read the section: english language teaching strategy

Yes, there are many English language teachers who prefer to create their own teaching material which they then also give to their students to use, but these are people who have been teaching English for years and in our opinion there is little point in trying to re-invent the wheel, especially if you and your students can get two wheels which can be found easily anywhere in the world and which will fit any bicycle ever made.

Last but not least, the NEF and NHW courses present an English language teaching and learning method which is simply perfect and unparalleled by other English language course books.

One last thing, NEF and NHW are great for teaching both young and mature students.

We teach you to use NEF and NHW

Everything you need to know about teaching using NEF and NHW since a main part of the course is on how to use the New English File and the New Headway course books not only from the teacher's perspective but also from the student's.
We show you the ins and outs of both the student's book, the workbook, and also the class audio.
We also give you tips and insider knowledge on how to expand on these two courses all on your own so that you can make your lessons more interesting and mainly we give you tips on what to do if your students ask you questions which you cannot answer.

Even expert teachers, who have been teaching for years, sooner or later have had to move over to the NEF and NHW platform, and even for these experts, the experience of figuring out how to best use these courses can be very painful and frustrating and they waste hours and weeks on learning how these courses function.

We can teach you all of this in 3 hours and it will be one of the best investments that you can make to learn a new profession.